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Kevin McCloud features a new Grand Designs on the IOW

The whole story is shown on TV. …read more

Surface Matter set up shop in Hackney

Lincoln is happy to be involved with the design and vision of Surface Matter’s new shop located in the heart of London Fields. Scott and Jane are a considerable asset to the creative industry. …read more

Grand Designs in Surburbia - aired July 2015

Grand Designs in Surburbia - aired July 2015. …read more

Portrait of an Island

"Portrait of an Island" is a collaboration between Steve Blamire and Julian Winslow to create a series of photographic portraits of the Isle of Wight creative/arts/cultural community to celebrate the bicentenary of Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron. The portraits draw on Julia’s pioneering style and we hope form a contemporary representation of the Island community during the early 21st century. …read more